Our warehousing & distribution facility located in Juba, South Sudan and other key points in the country is well equipped to meet our client’s cargo handling needs. They are used for storage of imported goods for clients while awaiting delivery call-offs as well as storage of goods destined for export. Our warehouse operations involve provision of secure facilities that meet client’s standards in terms of equipment, security and safety. We have electricity backup generators that enhance our 24-hour surveillance as well as ease in working 24/7 when necessary.

We carry out continuous stock administration which includes receipt, tagging, palletization, put-away, data update and issuing out to users and customers. Where necessary, we carry out assembling (kitting), bundling, packaging and labeling of stocks. Our administrative processes include continuous stock verification, cycle counting and stock counting.

With nearly 2 years of warehousing experience in the region Arumatout is now managing over 150,000 Square Feet of Warehousing. Depending on clients needs Arumatout takes on and manages additional/dedicated warehousing for its clients.

Other value adds services that we can offer include

  • Billing as per daily/monthly occupancy (Per cubic meter)
  • Stickering (Quality assurance bodies in South Sudan)
  • Repackaging, labelling, kitting and value-added services
  • Working space for tech Quality Control check or any other re-works on the goods.
  • Cross docking/dock to dock & Distribution
  • Inventory management
  • Transshipment
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Regional Warehousing

Packaging and Removal

We carry out packaging and removal services according to international standards and ensure that best commercial practices are always utilized to ascertain that the weights and dimensions of consignments conform to regulatory standards in countries of export and destination without incurring damage or pilferage to containers or contents.

Other auxiliary services provided include surveying, packaging, crating, weighing, and marking of household effects, surface baggage and official shipments of commodities including, but not limited to, industrial, household, office and residential consignments, vehicles, and equipment destined to and from South Sudan

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